tendon injury

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  • Treatment of Mallet Finger

    Treatment of Mallet Finger

    posted 9/21/10 in Tendon Injury

    A mallet finger describes loss of the extensor tendon insertion on the distal phalanx--either due to avulsion fracture, or tendon avulsion alone. The distal joint droops, thus the appearance of a "mallet". Historically, a high complication rate has been associated with operative intervention, thus splints have been used.During your appontment...

  • Treatment flexor tendon laceration

    Treatment flexor tendon laceration

    posted 4/24/07 in Tendon Injury

    Current best practices for flexor tendon repair include technical advances as well as novel strategies postoperatively to decrease the risk of adhesions, which can limit return of full digital motion. Tendon repair is ideally performed within 1 week of injury. A 4 stranded repair is performed to allow enough strength...