about the tomaino arm care network

The Tomaino Arm Care Network represents, in aggregate, a multidisciplinary group of health care professionals who extend Dr Matthew Tomaino's
impact on  patients with shoulder, hand and elbow problems.

Dr Tomaino keenly appreciates that physical therapists, hand/occupational therapists, chiropractors, acupuncture specialists, massage therapists, pain physicians and many others are critical providers when it comes to treating arm pain.

 Though each of these "Network Members" are, in fact, independent from Dr Tomaino's practice--Tomaino Orthopaedic Care for Shoulder, Hand, and Elbow, LLC, his "Network" represents a community of professionals linked by shared commitment to help patients with arm pain Feel Better.

In developing www.rearmyourself.com as a site rich with content, and allowing dynamic dialogue via Patient forums and Social networking options, his "aggregation" of various Providers from different disciplines reflects his appreciation of a Multidisciplinary approach to arm pain.
www.rearmyourself.com enables access to information about  these independent practices----linked by shared mission----via a common "Portal".