treatment flexor tendon laceration

Current best practices for flexor tendon repair include technical advances as well as novel strategies postoperatively to decrease the risk of adhesions, which can limit return of full digital motion.

Tendon repair is ideally performed within 1 week of injury. A 4 stranded repair is performed to allow enough strength to allow an "early place & hold" therapy regimen. Your postoperative outcome will, in large part, begin with the surgical repair BUT you must also be committed to working closely with our therapists to realize the most optimal outcome in terms of range of motion.

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  • Flexor Tendon Injuries

    Flexor Tendon Injuries

    The flexor tendons of the hand are responsible for flexion of the fingers and thumb toward the palm. These long structures are connected to the flexor muscles in the forearm. An injury to one of these tendons can cause pain and inability to flex the finger and grasp with the hand. Common flexor tendon injuries include lacerations, ruptures and inflammation.

  • Tendon Repair

    Tendon Repair

    This procedure, performed under general anesthesia, is used to repair a ruptured or severed tendon in the finger or thumb.

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