latarjet procedure for recurrent shoulder instability

The Latarjet procedure is indicated  for problematic recurrent shoulder instability when arthroscopic reconstruction is no longer feasible due to glenoid bone deficiency, or when previous repair has failed. I have used this procedure effectively for both indications, and have attached relevant articles and informative videos below, as well as a patient attestation from my practice, and arthroscopic images.

Though this procedure is not uncommonly performed as the preferred "first option" in France for anterior shoulder instability, I recommend that it be reserved for cases of glenoid bone loss or when arthroscopic repair has failed. This procedure requires an incision and takes approximately 2 hours to perform.
It's success revolves around 3 features: 1. augmentation of articular surfce of the glenoid via transfer of the coracoid process; 2. a dynamic sling effect of the inferior subscapularis tendon, created by the transfer of the coracoid and its attached  coracobrachialis and short head of biceps tendons; and 3. repair of the anterior capsule to the coracoacromial ligament.

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