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Rochester General Physical Therapy@ Linden Oaks Medical Campus

 At Rochester General Hospital, Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation go hand in hand to solve a patient's problems. The Rochester General Hospital Department of Orthopaedics provides diagnosis and treatment of individuals with orthopaedic disease, disorders and injuries as well as rehabilitation and care for patients who are recovering from orthopedic surgery.

Our services are provided by renowned surgeons and specialized teams of nurses, physician assistants, and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists to achieve the highest level of care and best outcomes.


 The Department of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation is a leading center in the following surgeries and treatments:

Joint replacement (hip, knee, elbow, ankle and more)
Spine surgery
Sports medicine
Foot and ankle surgery
Hand and upper extremity surgery

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  • Rochester General Physical Therapy @ Midtown Tennis Club

    210 East Highland Drive

    Rochester, NY 14610

    P: 585-244-9580

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  • Rochester General Physical Therapy -Eastridge Campus

    10 Hagan Drive Suite 5

    Rochester, NY 14625

    P: 585 922-9700

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  • Deana Hayden, PT, CPI

    585 244-9580