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Agape Physical Therapy

 What's Different about Agapé?
At Agapé Physical Therapy, we practice as a team. Although our patients have the choice to work with one or various therapists, our staff work together to teach and learn from each other. We have found this method of teamwork to be very beneficial as our therapists are well rounded, well educated, and remain abreast of the newest and latest techniques. Furthermore, each of Agapé's four locations are staffed with either a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) or a McKenzie specialist (MDT). As a result of our teamwork and highly educated staff, our patients are able to receive the most effective physical therapy treatments available.


Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is skilled physical therapy that takes place in the water.
Agape Physical Therapy offers aquatic therapy at our Brockport facility, Hidden Valley in Chili, and the Webster Aquatic Center. These pools provide shallow and deep water exercise areas for partial and non-weight bearing activities, and exercise equipment to progress and grade treatment programs. Our Brockport pool is equipped with an underwater treadmill for low-impact cardiovascular workout and early post-surgical ambulation training. Our experienced staff offers constant guidance and manual skills to optimize the treatment.

Many of our aquatic programs utilize a basis of training known as The Burdenko Method. This method was developed by Dr. Igor N. Burdenko. Dr. Burdenko, with a PhD in Sports Medicine, based the Burdenko Method on his educational backround and personal experience with water's natural capacity for healing and physical conditioning. The Burdenko method allows "optimal freedom of movement and revitalization of the body" that can be used for the young, old, athletic, non-athletic, and injured populations. Every program is individually developed with a focus on the patient's current condition and goals set to be achieved. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Agape Physical Therapy today!

Water is an ideal environment for rehabilitation. Patients experience less pain with underwater movement. The hydrostatic pressure reduces joint swelling, and exercise tolerance is increased. This allows you to heal faster.

Aquatic Therapy is Beneficial:

  • When limited or non-weight bearing is desirable.
  • When there is limited range of motion.
  • After surgery.
  • For neuromuscular injuries.
  • For osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis.
  • For chronic conditions.
  • For acute orthopedic injuries.
  • For neurological impairments.
  • During pre- and post-natal periods.

In addition to our aquatic physical therapy services, we offer aquatic fitness programs for those who would like to improve their fitness levels without the stress of a traditional land-based program.

Fitness Program

At last you can have a customized exercise program designed by experienced health professionals!
The Agapé Physical Therapy Fitness Center is committed to maximizing your fitness potential, regardless of your age or health status. Our knowledgeable staff of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants will design a personalized program based on your age, health and fitness level. They will also provide instruction, demonstration and supervision as you progress through your fitness program.

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  • Kim Nichols, MPT, ATC, CSCS, MBA

    Director of Operations

    585 750-1929


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  • Carrie Scharett, PT, DPT

    Clinical Director-Chili Avenue



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    My name is Carrie Scharett, Chili Clinic Director, and I will be one of the physical therapists working with...[more]

  • Leigh Strait, MPT, ATC, Certified MDT

    Clinical Director-Webster

    585 671-3770


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  • Kayleigh Plumumaeu, PT, DPT

    Clinical Director-Brockport

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    My name is Kayleigh Plumeau and I am a Physical Therapist at Agape Physical Therapy, as well as the Clinic Director ...[more]

  • Kelli Hursh, DPT

    Clinical Director-Gates

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